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MEL Generated Teapot

This page explains the development of a MEL script that generates teapots based on Aldo Rossi's Il Conico Hob Kettle (1986) and Michael Graves Alessi teapot (1985). The teapots created conform to the specifications found here. Three inputs were necessary for the script to work: the base's bottom radius, top radius, and height. A total of six float variables were used.

The script can be found here.
The image to the left represents various teapots created from my MEL script. They all share a similar form, but the trick was to write the script in such a way that all the geometry remains attached to each other. Below is the list of steps I implemented to create the script.
  1. Establish variables and trig equations using tand() & atand().
  2. Create two circles and loft them to create the teapot base.
  3. Planar surface the bottom circle to close the base.
  4. Delete the circles so that multiple models can be made in the same scene.
  5. Create the cone lid with a sphere knob and move them into place.
  6. Create two tori and move their centers to align with the lid knob.


Richard Sun / Rich Sun Productions 2007.