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LindenMayer(L) Systems

This page provides a technical breakdown of my exploration with L-Systems. TCL and MEL scripting were used to produce the results below.

Plant Structures

It's surprising, that after setting a few rules and variables, complex structures can be created with a simple string. As the script executes each generation of branching, the complexity grows exponentially and can create very interesting results. Patterns may have properties that seem organic (vegetative), geometric (fractals), or even strangely alien.

Since numerous generations can cause Maya to crash, it's not a bad idea to test patterns out with curves first. Afterwards it's a simple task to replace the L-String with other values that represent geometry. The image to the left represents a bush created with curves. Below are examples of creating trees with cones, cylinders, and spheres (berries).

Here are examples of creating seaweed out of curves and a donut tree out of tori.

I'm certainly interested in what can be accomplished using this modeling technique and will continue to develop uses for it in my independent studies.


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