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Richard Sun

Printable Resume

Career Objective

I will create aesthetically memorable visual effects and computer graphics while developing useful tools for digital artists.

Technical Experience


Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, Pixar’s Marionette, Renderman, Houdini, Shake, After Effects, Combustion, Vue Infinite, Mental Ray, The Setup Machine 2, Blastcode, Syflex, Realflow, The Foundry’s Keylight, Illustrator, Final Cut, Premiere, Sound Forge, Flash, Linux, Windows XP, Mac OS

Programming & Scripting Languages:

Maya Embedded Language (MEL), HTML, Renderman Shading Language (RSL), Tool Command Language (TCL), Visual Basic (VB), JavaScript, Java, C++, Python

Work Experience

4/08– Current

Pixar Shorts Technical Director
Description: Shading, modeling, & rigging in testing the aesthetic & technical needs of a main character.

2/08 – 4/08

Pixar WALL-E Crowds Technical Director
Description: Maintain the functionality and shading of crowd curve models that determine Massive crowd movement and floor design glow.

7/07 – 2/08

Pixar WALL-E Sets Technical Director Intern
Description: Assist in modeling, shading set & prop assets; Shot fixes; Prop optimization for rendering & workflow; Graphics set dressing; Layout


Logo creator for Sunsphere Computers

7/06 – 10/06

Freelance 3D Illustrator for TwinTech
4 images for web and/or box art


Advertisement designer for East China Broken Arrow


Single blog image commission. Money Buckets

2/04 – 5/04

Technical Director, Layout Artist, & Lead Modeler/Animator for Stuttering Foundation of America’s “Stuttering for Kids, by Kids” educational video


9/06 – current

Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, Georgia

Master of Fine Arts in Visual Effects

Cumulative G.P.A. – 3.93/4.0

8/99 – 5/04

Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

Bachelor of Science in Computer Graphics Technology

Minor in Animation

Cumulative G.P.A. – 3.49/4.0

Computer Graphics G.P.A. – 3.96/4.0

GRE Scores - 760 Quantitative, 620 Verbal, 4.5 Analytical

SAT Scores - 800 Quantitative, 570 Verbal

Awards & Achievements

* Demo Reel wins SCAD Visual Effects 2009 Best Demo Reel Award

* MEL City Generator & Tool Suite wins SCAD Visual Effects `06-`07 Award for Technical Achievement

* “Stuttering for Kids, by Kids” receives the Adding Wisdom Award by Parent to Parent

* Solar Colossus receives Honorable Mention in //ADAPT 2006 Netdiver’s 1st Digital Art competition

* $10K Combined Honors Fellowship for academic and artistic merit

* 7 Undergraduate Academic Awards – For Semester G.P.A.’s of 3.5 or greater

Volunteer Work

4/05 - 12/05

Southcrest Hospital Aide

1/03 – 12/03

Maya & Photoshop Student Tutor

8/00 – 5/01

Shreve Hall Officer & Digital Photographer

4th Floor Co-President in charge of publications


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