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Live-Action FX Work

"Exploding City"

Created: 5/2007


Software Used:

Maya 8 Unlimited, Renderman, Cutter, Houdini 8, Shake

This collaborative Shake compositing project combined the final projects in three of my classes. My MEL City Generator was used to model the city in Maya. I wrote the Renderman Demolition Shader that destroys the city and used Houdini particles for the mushroom cloud and dust. Mehmet Erer created the sky elements and energy blast.

Hi-Res Version Here

"Dark Arts"

Created: 11/2006


Software Used:

After Effects 7, Premier Pro, Combustion 4, Keylight

This 3 1/2 minute short was my final project for my Visual Effects Cinematography class and was completed entirely on my own. Shooting took less than a day, and editing was finished in two days. I used a few masking techniques and several green- screened elements. I paid particular attention to camera angles, composition, lighting, and atmosphere. Footage was shot with a 4:3 aspect ratio, and then black bars were added during editing to create camera movements. Smoke and mist were created in Combustion, and a few filters were using during final compositing in After Effects. Shooting was done with a Panasonic DVX100 camcorder, a fluid-head tripod, and a combo Arri lighting kit with two gels.

"City Destruction"

Created: 4/2007


Software Used:

Shake 4, Photoshop CS2

For my second Shake project, I decided to make another destruction sequence. Since these types of scenes are often very expensive to create, I approached the project with the mentality to create something from nothing. This would reflect on my resourcefulness in a production setting, and my results would be that much better if I had properly shot, high quality footage. I used an image of a night-lit city of Melbourne and a time-lapsed video of bacteria growth.

"Castle Burn"

Created: 4/2007


Software Used:

Shake 4, Combustion 4, Photoshop CS2

This was my first project using Shake. The project guidelines were very loose and only required two layers. I decided to attempt the classic day-to-night exercise (use a day-lit image and turn it into a night-lit one). The fire and smoke were created in Combustion. A hallway with fog was added later and composited in Shake with all the other elements.
Original images: castle, moon, & sky.

"Egg Trick"

Created: 11/2006


Software Used:

After Effects 7, Keylight

This assignment required the use of three seperate green- screened elements that are simultaneously on-screen for at least 10 seconds. The egg, the two versions of myself, and the background plate are all on separate layers. To ensure an accurate, realistic lighting scheme, I used a practical green- screening technique which involves lighting all elements in the same location as the background plate. This was my first experience green- screening, and I'm fairly satisfied the way it turned out.

"Clone Commercial"

Created: 6/2003


Software Used:

After Effects 5.5, 3DS Max 5

This piece was my final project for my video editing class. I presented the various clone concepts to my three group members, and we completed this fictional commercial in a week. In addition to the tedious rotoscoping, I was able to incorporate a vortex I made in 3D Studio Max. I acted as Visual Effects Supervisor to ensure that the elements were shot properly for an easier time during compositing. The professor stated that this was the most ambitious masking project any group had ever attempted during his expedited, month-long course.

"Soccer Commercial"

Created: 6/2003


Software Used:

After Effects 5.5, 3DS Max 5

I created all the digital elements and modeled two soccerballs in 3D Studio Max to allow for a more interesting transition between section of live-action footage. The ball is constantly moving when on screen to establish a greater sense of energy and excitement that would normally be associated with the sport. This was my first project using digital elements in conjunction with live-action.


Richard Sun / Rich Sun Productions 2007.