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General Victor Bastion


This is one of my favorite character concepts. It depicts an incredibly skilled and revered military leader. There is little doubt that he will lead Earth's armies to victory in the great conflict to come. Click on the image for greater detail into this character's development.

Commander Neese Anala


This is a concept for a brilliant, scientifically gifted female soldier who is more than capable in combat. She is General Victor Bastion's confidant, and the two share a very strong bond.

Winged Union


Here's a concept for a powerful superhero who can manipulate various types of energies. At first he cannot control his abilities. Instead his power is manifested through his emotional state and subconscious. In this concept, he is filled with pain, frustration, and anger.

Shadow Assassin


This character falls under the "shadow controlling assassin" archetype. He's a master with bladed weaponry and is filled with malevolence because of his twisted fate. He's a true villain in every sense but only serves as a sidekick to King Rabidious. Click on the image for greater detail into this character's development.

King Rabidious


Among the highest ranking assassins, he is known as the "Magma King". He is the last of a rare species of bacteria which thrive in extremely high temperatures. He can shape his magma core into whatever form he desires and even forge weapons. Click here for a concept lineup of his different forms.

Evil Uni Android


Uni is an android groomed since birth to be the ultimate human exterminator. She's an extremely capable assassin, but she wonders if she has some greater purpose besides graceful genocide. Click here for a concept lineup of her different forms.

Forbidden Forest


My objective for this speed-painting was to create an extremely uninviting environment concept where only the bravest heroes would dare to venture. Smudging was used extensively, and finally a wood texture was overlayed.

Crater Sorceror


This speed-painting was inspired by the powerful items and weapons found in Blizzard video games. This creature causes the earth beneath him to cave way into a fiery crater. He can only be attacked at a distance and specializes in cutting off retreat paths and encircling and dividing his enemy with trails of fire.

Dark Crescent Spider


This mechanical monstrosity acts as a formidable weapons platform and houses an army of war machines. As it marches towards a city marked for destruction, it releases noxious pollution into its surroundings.



I did this image as a tribute to all those artists who strive to improve their craft. Inspiration can be found anywhere, but I particularly enjoy learning from the work of others.



This was the final project for my Photoshop class. It's also my first character image drawn in Photoshop. Of all the elements, I'm most satisfied with the sweater texture.

Resident Evil 2 Poster


This was my contest submission for the video game-turned-movie sequel. I putrified a close-up of an eye and then overlayed provided zombie images.

Blocking of Polyspermy


Based off an image in my Biology book, this was the first digital image I ever drew. I wanted to make the image much more colorful than the original while keeping the information clear.



While on a trip to China, I took a picture of this strange and eerie well. I played with idea of what could have been locked away inside it.

Own Ollie


Even though no one in the apartment skateboarded, we had one for some strange reason. It proved to be the perfect prop for my image manipulation project. After becoming more familiar with this "doubling" technique, I was inspired to create "Clone Commercial" which later led to "Dark Arts".

Parking Garage Climb


This image = Passing by the parking garage everyday to class + Climbing a ladder to my loft everyday.


Girl in Pink


Based off of a glamour photo, I wanted to make a simple yet elegant image. I used Illustrator's Live Trace feature and then manipulated vector points.



An amusing taunt from a friend inspired a piece of art. I'd like to think of it as an anti-drunk violence ad or some guy who got into so many fights that he lost his nose.



I created this piece in remembrance of my hall photographer days. The image is simply composed of two Live Traced layers.

Absolut Funk


This was my second vector-drawn image. It was based off of the famous vodka advertisements.



Sleeping til noon in a warm bed over a long winter weekend...

Woodcarved Cat


This was my first vector image. The project required simulating wood carving techniques with simple hatching. I purchased a Wacom tablet and quickly understood how better technologies can save significant amounts of time that can be applied for more detailing/tweaking or other concurrent projects.

Snowball! Ah!


A stroll through a mall with these two guys lead to this. I used the Live Trace feature and added/subtracted a few details.


Richard Sun / Rich Sun Productions 2007.